Online Advertising / PPC / Direct Ads

Online advertising has come a long way in the last decade. It’s no secret 10 years ago a lot more people were clicking on advertising online. As time has passed we have all gotten a little bit savvier and are usually able to tell the difference between ads and organic links (not ads). On the flip side Search engines like Google and Content owners are getting much better at showing ads that are relevant to your taste, and that’s a good thing. What does this all mean to the business owner looking to advertise online? It means we have to really analyze how, when, where, and why we spend our online ad dollars.

Advertising online still has its place, and may very well be worthwhile for your business, we just have to be more creative and selective these days. is great at analyzing your business and deciding which online advertising is appropriate for you. Before spending any of your hard earned dollars on Internet ads, consult with us for a free website analysis and find out if advertising online is a right fit for you and your business. We promise you will love our upfront & honest approach.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Paid Search

Pay Per Click (PPC) goes by a few different names including, Paid Search Advertising, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They all mean the same thing, paying for ads, and ultimately clicks, on search engines and content pages around keywords related to your business. This is the quickest way to end up on the first page of Search Engine Results. It’s a quick expensive fix, and by no means meant to be a long term solution for small and medium size businesses. We are experts in planning, executing, and monitoring PPC campaigns. If PPC does turn out to be a good solution for your business our management fees are very reasonable for the amount of time we put into your campaign. We typically charge a management fee of 10-20% of your ads spend dollars. You’ll be able to access your progress reports for your PPC campaigns weekly through our customer portal.

Direct Advertising for Small and Medium size businesses

Direct advertising is when you pay a content owner directly for advertising. It is VERY effective because the “ad” doesn’t really look like an ad, and is usually more in the form of an endorsement coming from a trusted source. For example, you could pay Ashton Kutcher directly to tweet about your business on, or a popular Dog blog owner to highlight your new dog food in a blog post. Now a small business is most likely not going to have a budget for Mr. Kutcher, but a popular blog related to your product or service, now we’re talking! This is just one of the creative ways can help your local business with direct advertising. Contact us today and we’ll analyze your business and discover opportunities available in this space.