Local Business Internet Marketing Services in NYC

LocalOnSpot.com is an Internet marketing company with everything you need to become successful online. Our primary focus is to generate more inbound leads for your company and increase your bottom line through high quality creative SEO services. Just like your business is unique, so should your Internet Marketing campaign. Our SEO services company offers customized plans tailored for your business. We’ll tell you what opportunities are available online in your industry and what competition you’re up against

Our Process

Our process is simple, we first understand you, your business, your audience, and your goals. We’ll then tailor your Online Marketing efforts around our findings and execute our plan, monitoring your campaign every step of the way. We’ll also provide you access to valuable analytics and progress reports so you can easily measure your return on investment. Getting found and ranking higher on search engines like Google, bing, and Yahoo is only half the battle. We’ll show you how to stay competitive with all the emerging social media outlets right for your business and convert those visitors into real clients and real profits.

On Page SEO

Professional on-page optimization is the backbone of every high ranking website. Before you can reap the benefits of promoting your website all over the Internet it’s important everything on your actual websites is optimized for search engines. Keyword optimized content and html code strcutured with the proper meta tags are just pieces of the complex puzzle. We take into account hundreds of factors when we take on your on-page project.

Local Internet Marketing

If your business targets clients in specific geographic areas local Internet marketing needs to be part of your online plan. Google and other search engines are now optimizing their search results based on the location of their users. Ensuring your business is optimzied for this type of search will improve your position and rank when Google displays results to potential clients searching what your business is offering.

Website Design & Mobile

Our website design team specializes in streamlining your current web design for a more user friendly experience geared towards providing relevent information on your business and collecting leads. We’re experts at taking your current Website design and turning it to something that lives and breathes. Your new site will be easily manageable through a content management system. With 20% of the Internet’s users coming from Smart Phones and Tablets, make sure your website is optimized for them!

Content Creation & Copy-writing

Content is King! Without informative SEO friendly information around your business, services, or products you don’t have much other than a business card on the Internet. We have access to some of the best Copywriters who can create quality articles around any subject you need it on.

Blog Creation & Management

So you have a website, do you have a blog? If the answer is no, you need one as soon as possible. If you do have a blog, is it and the posts optimized for search engines? Is your company staying on top of posting? Are you trying to manage the blog in house and it’s just not working? LocalOnSpot.com is great at getting your business into the current blog scene. Outside of your website being a more robust business card, people need a reason to visit your website. A blog providing informative & educational information around your business is a great way get the visitors clicking in and often.

Social Media Marketing and Optimization

You’ll hear a lot of people refer to Social Media as the new word of mouth advertising. We don’t disagree with that one bit, but it’s much more complex and compounding than the traditional word of mouth prior to the Internet. Today everyone is connected & the Internet has leveled the playing field on a lot of levels. Making sure you’re on top of all the popular Social Media outlets that are right for your business like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ can make or break your business, especially local business, which just so happens to be our specialty.

Reputation Management

Hey! You talking about me? You bet we are, and so is everyone else in the world! Today the Internet has leveled the playing field. Anyone and everyone has the ability to praise or complain about your business. Staying on top of what people are saying about your businesses should be on the top of your priority list. Fortunately, we have all the high tech tools to monitor & stay on top of the conversations for you.

Online Advertising / PPC / Direct Ads

Online advertising has come a long way in the last decade. It’s no secret 10 years ago a lot more people were clicking on advertising online. As time has passed we have all gotten a little bit savvier and are usually able to tell the difference between ads and organic links (not ads). On the flip side Search engines like Google and Content owners are getting much better at showing ads that are relevant to your taste, and that’s a good thing. What does this all mean to the business owner looking to advertise online? It means we have to really analyze how, when, where, and why we spend our online ad dollars.